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by Maciek Janicki

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About the artwork

In my artwork, I am exploring the concept of peacefulness by stripping all the unnecessary distractions.

What's left is the infinite body of water and gravitational force moving heavy stones in a rhythmical manner.

Come around, slow your breathing to the pace of the stones and feel the peacefulness yourself.

About Maciek

Maciek Janicki employs drawing, animation, painting, film, music, and design to realize imagined city scapes and the intersection of people within it. From an early age, his love for skateboard culture formed his style and concepts behind his work. Inspired by city scapes and how skateboarding coexists within the architecture, his work developed to reflect and pursue the simplicity of function and geometry within these ecosystems. Also exploring imaginary and fantastical figures that might lay within the city, his work becomes a highly satisfying peek into his surreal imaginationary metropolises. Janicki’s work is a reflection of magical dimensions, going beyond reality and materialized by concepts design, shapes, and small details.

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