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by Ana Blizzard

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About the artwork

A curious study of cakes and their surroundings.

Happiness is not something that just happens. It is not the result of good luck or chance. It is not something that can be bought with money or with power. It does not seem to depend on external events, but rather on how we interpret them. In fact, happiness is a vital condition that each person must prepare, cultivate and defend individually.

This work was inspired by cakes and the story I imagine behind each one of them.

Celebrations hide a social background. Cakes are seen as a symbol of success, happiness, achievement and the passing of time.

In this project cakes are the central communication vehicle and through catchy phrases laid over images I challenge the idea of happiness, good times and celebration. A combination of textures, forms, colors and different moments that represent joy, celebration and wellness in our society.

The cake is key.

About Ana

Is a mexican artist from Monterrey, México, born in 1988. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Production from the School of Visual Arts in the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (U.A.N.L.), in 2013.

Her work covers a wide range of representations in art. Since childhood, an artistic interest manifested through sculpting, painting and crafts; the latter taking a key role in present time. At the moment, she works in directing commercial advertising; art direction, and in the creation of production sets for commercial photography, video and film.

Her work depicts a visual story mixed with various techniques. Each piece is conceived, first, by isolating a memory with the help of her photographs and illustrations previously selected. She then combines them into multiple GIFs that create a vulnerable universe, undisciplined and unkempt. She perceives art in every wrong attempt and transfigures it from a natural, or artificial, failure. Her tools are always within arm’s reach, attaching intimacy.

Ana’s preference for GIFs lies in the idea that a photograph can become a living thing, an image that provides movement and life, from something static in character. The GIFs render images unto infinity; it hypnotizes and forces anyone to pay attention to those ephemeral depictions. Ana likes to emphasize those slight moments that exist in eternal loops. Her inspiration comes from music, Lisa Frank, lurking online, pastel colored objects, pop culture and spontaneity from the rawness of creative processes. It has become an addiction: turning staticity into endless movement.

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