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by Jesper Lindborg


About the artwork

To portray the feeling of being safe, Jesper set a familiar yet abstract tone, using tactile objects and materials. The piece is divided into 3 sections; soft bodies, foam and cloth. Each represents different layers of protection however, all share the same caring and comforting aspect. The marble statue is not only a link that illustrates the fragile and beautiful but is also humanising and identifiable. 

With the colourful visual language in this piece, Jesper set out to create a soothing and appealing experience for the viewers.

Using a zero gravity scene setup, SideFx Houdini helped Jesper create complex simulations of the foam,  cloth and soft-bodies. An orbital force, and attraction points set across the statue, the simulated objects created a flowing dance-like motion with moments of cushioning and moulding. In each section of the piece, a different type of simulation was required.

About Jesper

Jesper Lindborg is a Swedish Motion Designer & Art Director.
After studying at Hyper Island in Sweden, Jesper started his career in New York and is now based in London. Working with some of the top agencies and studios globally, he is currently a freelance director. His work is often described as having a unique creative style, often related to the human form. Along with a high technical standard, Jesper strives to ensure a clean and polished aesthetics.

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